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Motorcycle alternators produce the power required for electric equipment. In particular, they power headlights, audio systems, heated handlebars and also charge the battery.

Types of motorcycle alternators

These components differ in:

  • Power. It depends on the number of revolutions of the engine crankshaft. It might be 150 or 500 Watt.
  • Types of fasteners and size. These parameters depend on the dimensions and design of a bike.

Malfunctions: their causes and symptoms

  • Worn alternator brushes. It is an inevitable result of continuous friction during operation. In that case, the battery can’t be charged. The corresponding lamp on the dashboard will signal about the malfunction.
  • Oiled alternator slip rings. Most often this happens because of foreign particles in oil and high loads caused by the installation of additional electrical equipment. In case of malfunction, the latter starts switching off on its own and the engine runs intermittently.
  • Mechanical damage to the housing. It is usually caused by an accident. Cracks, as well as oil leakage, can be noticed during the examination.
  • Thermal damage. It results from a short circuit in the wiring or using a poor-quality battery. This malfunction can be detected during testing with the help of a multimeter. Besides, the unit may produce unusual sounds which become louder as loads grow. The engine might die after several hours of work.

Tips on how to maintain and replace motorcycle alternators

  • These parts have no limited lifespan. Their service life gets shorter because of additional electrical devices installed: lights, a sat nav, audio system and others.
  • In order to detect any malfunctions in time, it is recommended to measure the resistance of different elements of motorcycle alternators using a multimeter. These readings are to be compared with the ones specified by the motorcycle manufacturer.
  • An aggressive riding style or riding on one wheel when performing tricks cause an abnormal distribution of the engine oil which cools the alternator as well. As a result, it gets overheated and soon fails.
  • Because of intensive washing or when riding the vehicle in the pouring rain, water often gets into the assembly. In that case, dry it with compressed air immediately.
  • Inappropriate battery installation might damage the part. For example, it is important to connect battery terminals in the correct order.

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