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Motorcycle clutch plates transfer torque from the engine to the transmission with the help of friction force. Motorcycles usually have a multiplate system which does not occupy much space.

Types of motorcycle clutch plates

A multiplate clutch system comprises alternating elements of the following types:

  • Steel plates. These are robust smooth plates with lugs.
  • Friction plates. They differ from the previous type by the coating that increases the friction force. It is usually made of organic resins. The lugs are located not in the hole but along the edges of the parts.

Malfunctions: their causes and symptoms

  • Critically reduced thickness. When the engine rpms increase, the motorcycle can’t gain the required speed and sometimes it even slows down. This malfunction occurs due to constant friction.
  • Thermal damage. It can be accompanied by a burning smell. The breakdown may occur, in particular, due to the engine running for a long time at high rpms with the clutch half engaged.

Tips on how to maintain and replace motorcycle clutch plates

  • If any defect appears, the parts must be replaced with new ones as soon as possible. Otherwise, fragments of the damaged components will get inside the joints of connecting rods, shell bearings and pistons. This will cause the engine breakdown.
  • Replacing parts with new ones as a kit will extend the service life of the assembly.
  • If the vehicle has a wet clutch, it is recommended to put new friction plates into motor oil before mounting them.
  • The components must be assembled strictly in the order specified in the service manual of the vehicle.
  • When changing the parts, it is recommended to check the condition of other system components, for example, to measure the length of the springs. This parameter should comply with the figure specified in the vehicle service and repair manual. In case any deviations are found, the springs have to be replaced.
  • You should be very careful when performing the works, especially, if old parts were destroyed. When carrying out any operations with them, there is a risk of a fragment getting into the crankcase. If this happens, the shatter must be removed.
  • When tightening the fasteners, it is very important to observe the proper tightening torque. This parameter may vary depending on the motorcycle model.

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