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Motorcycle oil filters are designed for filtering oil in the engine lubrication system. The lifespan of the lubricant, fuel system and the engine itself depends on whether this part is properly functioning.

Types of motorcycle oil filters

By the degree of filtration:

  • For primary filtering. They are made as a metal or plastic mesh. These parts can only trap large particles. They do not have any limited service life. They can be reused after changing the oil.
  • For fine filtering. They eliminate even the tiniest particles from the lubricant. These filters are for single use only. They have to be replaced every 8,000 – 15,000 km. By design, they can be:
    • With housing. The filtering element is contained inside a metal housing. It is screwed on a special rod in the engine, or installed into a special casing. They are more expensive than replacement cartridges but are characterised by a much easier installation.
    • Without housing. They are made in the form of separate filtering elements. They are mounted into the engine crankcase, into the corresponding compartment. They are characterised by a low price. However, it is more difficult to install them.

Malfunctions: their causes and symptoms

  • Clogging. That is a natural process. However, this might happen faster than usual. As a rule, the reason for that is wear and tear of the cylinder-piston group, engine overheating, poor-quality oil and its late replacement. The signs of the malfunction are:
    • speed drop when accelerating to high RPM;
    • engine overheating;
    • engine starts to roar after several hours of riding;
    • gear shifting takes too long.
  • Loss of tightness of the housing. It happens because of improper installation. It is accompanied by oil leakage and decrease of its level.
  • Faulty bypass valve. It gets out of order due to low quality of the part. This malfunction might be suspected if after the engine is started, the oil pressure indicator doesn’t go off for a long time, or it goes on when the engine is running idle.

Tips on how to maintain and replace motorcycle oil filters

  • Have all parts replaced at a motorcycle repair shop only. When carrying out these works, it will be necessary to change oil or even sometimes flush the lubrication system, and these are very labour-consuming procedures.
  • Only use the spares that comply with the vehicle’s specifications. Unsuitable components won’t be able to perform their functions properly.

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You can always buy high-quality motorcycle oil filters at our online shop. Thanks to the large product range, you’re sure to find a suitable part in our catalogue. Even if you have a retro bike model and spare parts for it are no longer produced, our specialists will help you to choose alternative items to get your motorcycle back on road.