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Motorcycle brake pads are a part of the system which is responsible for stopping the vehicle. They are plates with a friction lining on it. As they are being pressed against the disc, there occurs friction which is necessary to slow down the rotation of the wheel.

Types of motorcycle brake pads

By mounting location:

  • Front. Their service life is 15,000 –20,000 km.
  • Rear. If not being exposed to excessive loads, they might work properly for more than 20,000 km.

By main material:

  • Metal. They can well withstand high temperatures and help to clean the discs. They are relatively inexpensive and feature an excellent heat transfer property. The friction linings might contain graphite, resins, ceramic and other components.
  • Carbon. They are specially developed for motosports. They are characterised by high efficiency. To function properly, they have to warm-up. They can only be used together with carbon discs.

Many manufacturers divide all the components into several groups depending on the maximum (allowable) temperature:

  • Up to 400°C. They are usually coloured black. They are perfect for daily, not very fast rides in urban areas.
  • Below 650°C. Most often, these elements are green. They are designed for those who prefer the dynamic driving style.
  • Not more than 750°C. They are intended for sports or for off-road bikes. In the former case, they are red or golden, in the latter one – yellow, light blue or navy blue.
  • Up to 1000°C. Professional motorcycle brake pads for racers. As a rule, they are orange.

Some manufacturers specify the friction coefficient. The higher it is, the more efficient the braking is. This parameter can be the following:

  • C (0.15);
  • D (0.15–0.25);
  • E (0.35–0.45);
  • G (0.45–0.55);
  • H (over 0.55).

Malfunctions and their causes

  • Critically reduced thickness. The first symptom of it is a squealing sound coming from them. Extended use beyond the rated service life is the most probable cause.
  • Uneven wear. It happens as a result of faulty cylinders. The malfunction manifests itself in a reduced braking efficiency.

Tips on how to maintain and replace motorcycle brake pads

  • Replace the parts if their thickness is reduced to 2 mm. The bike manual might contain more accurate figures. Besides, even the slightest sound coming from the assembly and not being characteristic of it is a signal that repair is needed.
  • If the vehicle is equipped with two front disc mechanisms, both of the brake pad sets have to be replaced.
  • When purchasing the parts, remember that the pads for the front and rear mechanisms differ from each other. Consider the fact that they aren’t interchangeable.
  • After installing new parts, they need bedding in. To do that, you should press the brake lever several times in succession: this way the system will quicker get back to the serviceable condition.

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