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Motorcycle ignition coils convert a low voltage, which is supplied by the battery, into a high voltage. The latter is necessary for powering spark plugs that ignite the air-fuel mixture.

Types of motorcycle ignition coils

These devices differ depending on the type of ignition system. For example, there are parts for:

  • Electronic ignition. They feature a rather simple structure, due to which they do not require regular maintenance.
  • Contact point ignition. Such coils are inexpensive but require occasional examination and cleaning the contacts.

By design, there are the following types:

  • In a metal housing. The winding inside of it is securely protected from mechanical damage. Besides, a special insulating compound is applied to its contacts. Housings of some parts are filled with oil for heat elimination.
  • Without housing. They feature a robust design and withstand vibration very well. In most bikes with powerful engines, these spares supply voltage to two spark plugs at once. This category also includes coil-on-plug ignition systems which are combined with a spark plug cap. They are lightweight and have a small size.

Malfunctions: their causes and symptoms

  • Short circuit of the winding. It is usually caused by a voltage spike in the component due to a faulty spark plug. The malfunction results in unstable engine operation in any RPM ranges.
  • Thermal damage. Motorcycle ignition coils can fail due to overheating that occurs because these parts are located close to the hot engine. The component might also burn out if you leave the ignition started for long with the engine not running. Apart from the difficulties when starting the engine, it is also possible to notice the smell of petrol coming from the assembly.
  • Oxidation. It might be caused by moisture which can get into the system due to intensive washing or when riding through deep puddles. Main symptoms are difficulties when starting the engine and jerks while moving.

Tips on how to maintain and replace motorcycle ignition coils

  • The service life of the components isn’t limited. In order to detect the malfunction, test the resistance in the part with a multimeter from time to time. Compare the readings you get with the parameters specified in the bike service manual.
  • It is better to have these parts replaced at a repair shop. In order to reach the component, it might be necessary to remove other mechanisms using professional equipment.
  • The service life of the parts also depends on the condition of spark plugs and wells. The assembly should be timely serviced.
  • All elements must be dry so you should avoid riding through puddles and when it’s pouring. If the components get wet, dry them as quickly as possible with compressed air.

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