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The best-selling Brake Pipes/Hoses/Accessories for motorbikes in our catalogue

These are the most popular items in the Brake Pipes/Hoses/Accessories catalogue. A wide range of products from the best brands allows you to select Brake Pipes/Hoses/Accessories at a bargain price and ensure the best fit for your motorcycle.

Motorcycle brake hoses transfer the working fluid from the master cylinder to the calliper. Due to its pressure, the necessary force is applied to the pistons and then to the pads.

Types of motorcycle brake hoses

  • Rubber. Most often they are installed as standard and are intended for motorcycles, which are used in urban areas. They withstand the exposure to technical fluids. Nylon can be used to reinforce the structure. The advantage of rubber hoses is their flexibility. Their service life does not exceed 4 years.
  • Teflon, with stainless steel braiding. They might be also covered with a layer of polyvinyl chloride. These components are ideal for sports motorcycles. In particular, they are often installed on enduro bikes, the use of which involves continuous descents from slopes. These components ensure stable system operation even under high loads and, unlike rubber ones, do not expand when heated. At the same time, braided brake lines may lose their elasticity at ambient temperatures below 0 ° C, which makes them unsuitable for year-round use. As a rule, they last much longer than rubber parts.

Malfunctions: their causes and symptoms

  • Cracks. Often they result from natural wear-out of rubber components. The cause of the malfunction could lie in improper installation as well. For example, motorcycle brake hoses located close to other parts are constantly subjected to destructive friction. Apart from that, shrubs and tree branches can damage the brake lines if you ride your motorcycle in a wooded area. Cracks lead to the loss of air-tightness: the working fluid leaks out, and you can notice the reduction of its level in the tank.
  • Deformation. Most often it is a result of overheating of the system due to high loads. It causes a decrease in braking performance.

Tips on how to maintain and replace motorcycle brake hoses

  • It is necessary to check the components for damage every time you ride a bike. Usually, the leakage of the working fluid can be easily noticed by inspecting the tank. Normally, it should be at a certain level marked by a line.
  • It is better to have the components replaced by professionals. It is important to arrange the hoses so that they weren’t bent; be extremely careful doing that. The braking system will need bleeding with the help of special equipment after the components are replaced. This will reduce the risk of air lock formation.

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