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Motorcycle lambda sensors measure the amount of oxygen that gets into exhaust gases. Based on these readings, the engine control unit corrects the air-fuel ratio. Normally it should be from 1 to 14.7. That is the ratio that ensures the most efficient fuel consumption and produces a positive effect on the engine power output.

Types of motorcycle lambda sensors.

By the type of the fuel injection system:

  • For carburettor systems. Usually, only one sensor is installed. Most often it has one wire for connection, less often – two.
  • For injector systems. As a rule, two broadband elements are used. Each of them may have three or four wires.

It is possible to buy online motorcycle lambda sensors which differ by the type of attachment.

  • with a connector or without it;
  • flanged or threaded.

These spares also differ in shape and size. These parameters depend on the design of a bike. The service life of the parts is 60,000 km, on average, and largely depends on the quality of the fuel used.

Malfunctions: their causes and symptoms

  • Contaminated working part. As a result, its sensitivity is lost. This leads to a reduced vehicle dynamics, increased fuel consumption and erratic engine running. The reasons are poor-quality fuel, and oil that gets into the exhaust system. The latter happens because of worn-out oil scraper rings.
  • Thermal damage to the housing. It makes the component lose air-tightness, which negatively affects engine performance and might cause injection system failure. Thermal damage is often a result of incorrectly adjusted ignition advance angle.
  • Corroded terminals. This may entail malfunctions of both the component and the engine itself. Corrosion appears when moisture gets on connectors during an intensive washing or riding through a deep puddle.
  • Mechanical damage of the sensor or its wire. It leads to an increase in fuel consumption and engine malfunctions. It may happen due to incorrect mounting of the part.

Tips on how to maintain and replace motorcycle lambda sensors

  • The part can’t be repaired. Soot deposits and corrosion indicate the necessity of its replacement.
  • Before dismantling the component, you must disconnect the power supply of the bike by removing the negative terminal from the battery.
  • You can replace the part by yourself. To facilitate removing the component, it is advisable to heat it to 50°C.
  • When installing a new sensor, never use any sealants. Besides, it is necessary to observe the tightening torque stated by the motorcycle manufacturer.

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