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The best-selling Shock Absorber for motorbikes in our catalogue

These are the most popular items in the Shock Absorber catalogue. A wide range of products from the best brands allows you to select Shock Absorber at a bargain price and ensure the best fit for your motorcycle.

Motorcycle shock absorbers dampen the shocks when a wheel hits the road surface. They make travelling by bike more comfortable.

Types of motorcycle shock absorbers

By working fluid type:

  • Oil. They provide a high level of comfort. As a rule, they are inexpensive. Oil in these components might get very hot which produces a bad effect on their performance. Besides, they are less efficient at low ambient temperatures. Manufacturers do not specify any particular replacement intervals for these parts.
  • Gas charged. They are stiffer. They are perfect for motorcycles which are mainly used on even roads. They are often fitted onto sports models. They perform their functions successfully even in severe climatic conditions. Components of this category have to be replaced when it is needed.

By design:

  • Without gaiters. You can change the oil in them.
  • Enclosed, with gaiters. Such dampers are not serviceable.

By position:

  • Front. As a rule, their springs are inside. Most often two of these components are installed.
  • Rear. The springs are often outside. The number of these spares depends on the design of a motorcycle.

Malfunctions: their causes and symptoms

  • Deformation and cracks. In case motorcycle shock absorbers are mechanically damaged, they are no longer able to dampen shocks, and the rider will feel all of them. This malfunction usually results from high loads. They appear, for example, if you ride a bike off-road at high speeds.
  • Corrosion damage. You can notice it when examining the element. This malfunction is a result of the exposure to moisture which gets inside from the road through a torn boot.

Tips on how to maintain and replace motorcycle shock absorbers

  • You can change the performance of the serviceable components by using oils with different viscosity. The higher it is, the stiffer the suspension and, as a result, the better the handling.
  • Components without gaiters fitted onto old motorcycles often need oils with high viscosity.
  • The working fluid must be changed immediately if it boils due to high loads. There is no other way to get rid of air bubbles.
  • It is necessary to use the components in accordance with the operating and service manuals of the vehicle. For example, you shouldn’t disassemble parts that are not designed to be repaired trying to eliminate the malfunction.

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