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Motorcycle handlebars play a very important role in controlling the vehicle. They are made as curved tubes and are intended for steering the wheels. The engine start button, throttle grip, clutch lever, front brake lever, decompressor lever are located on them.

Types of motorcycle handlebars

By the material used:

  • Aluminium. They are relatively light, that is why sports bikes are often fitted with them.
  • Steel. They are characterised by high durability. They can be coated with chrome or powder paint based on resins. High-quality coating minimizes the risk of scratches.

Depending on the design of the tubes:

  • With constant cross-section. They have the same diameter throughout the whole length. To reinforce the structure, a crossbar can be used. In aluminium models, it is securely fixed with brackets, in steel ones it is welded.
  • With varying cross-section. The diameter of the tube is larger in the central part than at the ends. This is a robust device which withstands significant loads. Besides, it can well absorb vibrations.

Malfunctions: their causes and symptoms

  • Scratches. They can be seen with the naked eye. Motorcycle handlebars can be scratched as a result of careless use.
  • Deformation. It may happen, for example, when a bike falls over. As a rule, the damage can be seen during the visual assessment of the motorcycle condition.

Tips on how to maintain and replace motorcycle handlebars

  • This component can be changed not only when it becomes faulty but also when you are not satisfied with its appearance or operational features. When choosing the part, it is important to consider the conditions in which the bike is used. For example, it is recommended to equip vehicles for motocross with wide handlebars as they provide good steerability. While narrow ones are perfect for enduro bikes as they facilitate manoeuvring in wooded areas.
  • If you need to find out the height, rise and sweep angle of the component, it should be dismantled before that.
  • If you are going to replace the part with a higher one, before mounting it, check the tension of the front brake hoses. It might be necessary to buy new, longer ones.

AUTODOC: only high-quality motorcycle parts

At our online shop, you can buy motorcycle handlebars which are characterised by high quality. Even inexpensive models provide maximum riding comfort. Browse our online catalogue and select an item that will meet all your requirements.

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