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Motorcycle batteries act as the current source when starting the engine. They ensure the flawless performance of the power unit at low RPMs. They provide power to the electrical devices and enable you to use them even when the engine is off.

Types of motorcycle batteries

  • With liquid acid electrolyte. These models are categorized as inexpensive.
  • AGM. These devices contain porous material impregnated with electrolyte. As a result, the liquid does not evaporate from it. These models are suitable for the bikes that take part in races and are used in all weather conditions.
  • Gel. These batteries contain electrolyte as a jelly-like substance. It neither evaporates nor freezes.

Malfunctions: their causes and symptoms

  • Sulfated battery plates. It leads to the reduction of the battery capacity. This usually happens when the bike was left unused for a long time.
  • Contamination. In that case, the device gets flat very quickly. This often happens if you top up motorcycle batteries with raw water rich in salts and alkalis or if metal particles get inside.
  • Short circuit. Reduced battery capacity indicates it. It quickly becomes dead. The reasons might be loose fixation of the device, or a strong impact when the bike falls over.

Tips on how to maintain and replace motorcycle batteries

  • The component must not be used after its serviceable period is over. Usually, it isn’t more than 5–8 years from the date of production.
  • Do not use an electric starter longer than it is specified in the vehicle manual. Otherwise, the battery will discharge very quickly.
  • When using the devices with liquid electrolyte, it is necessary to check its level. The level of the liquid should be between the maximum and minimum marks on the battery case. If it is too low, you should dismount the device and top it up with distilled water.
  • While working with electrolyte you should be extremely careful. Before starting, put on protective clothing and a mask. This substance is dangerous to your health.
  • It is recommended to remove the battery if you aren’t going to use the bike for a long time. This will help to prevent discharging. For storage, it is better to choose a dry place with good ventilation.
  • When mounting the device, you should connect the positive terminal first.
  • Before replacing it, it is important to make sure that the characteristics of the new part comply with the specifications of the bike and of the electric equipment installed on it.

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You can buy motorcycle batteries just in a couple of minutes at our online shop. As soon as you place your order online, we will promptly process it. The purchase will be delivered in a short time. Note that we often run promotions which help you to cut down your repair and maintenance costs.

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