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These are the most popular items in the Starter catalogue. A wide range of products from the best brands allows you to select Starter at a bargain price and ensure the best fit for your motorcycle.

Motorcycle starters are a part of the engine starting system. They contain a built-in electric motor. They ensure the rotation of the crankshaft with the speed required to start the power unit of the vehicle.

Types of motorcycle starters

  • With a reduction gear. It allows increasing the starting power. These devices do not consume much power and perform their functions properly even if a battery is partially discharged. Apart from that, they don’t weigh much. Models with a reduction gear are perfect for motorcycles with a very powerful engine. They might last for not less than 6 years.
  • Without a reduction gear. These components have a simpler design. They are cheaper, as a rule. Besides, they have a quicker response. Such starter motors are suitable for vehicles with less powerful engines. Their lifespan is the same as spares with a reduction gear.

Malfunctions: their causes and symptoms

  • Worn brushes. Because of this malfunction, the engine won’t start. It is caused by intensive loads.
  • Damaged structural parts. In that case, the engine doesn’t run and any attempts to start it are accompanied by unusual sounds. The cause can be a blow received in an accident.
  • Soiling. Difficulties with turning on the engine are common signs of this malfunction. The device often becomes contaminated with dust produced by worn out brushes.

Tips on how to maintain and replace motorcycle starters

  • You shouldn’t keep the start button pressed for too long. Otherwise, the whole electric system of your bike is subjected to high loads. As soon as the engine is started, release the button.
  • You can check the condition of the part by connecting it directly to the battery. If it works, you should look for other faulty parts. For example, it might turn out that the staring button or wires are broken.
  • If you don’t have the required skills, it is better to have the parts replaced at a repair shop. This procedure might involve removing the battery and exhaust system components. Besides, it is often necessary to deal with fasteners located in hard-to-reach places.

AUTODOC: only high-quality motorcycle parts

Here you can buy motorcycle starters without leaving your house. You just need to look through our convenient catalogue and make a couple of clicks. Our online shop consultants will be happy to advise you on the most suitable products for your bike. Besides, we often run promotions at AUTODOC so you’ll have an opportunity to make a purchase having spent as little money as possible. Place your order online right now and we will arrange a rapid delivery.

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