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Motorcycle headlights illuminate the road and different objects. They contribute to safe riding a bike when visibility is poor or in the dark.

Types of motorcycle headlights

  • With an ellipsoidal reflector. It has a bifocal design. Light rays from the bulb are emitted from the first focus and are focused in the second one. After that, they are directed to the lens and form a smooth flow of light. As a rule, lights of this type are compact and round. They are often used for customizing and are rarely mounted on mass-production bikes.
  • With a reflector of a “free” shape. It is divided into sections, each responsible for lighting a particular part of the road. Thanks to this kind of a reflector, lights of this type are characterised by a great variety of shapes.

Malfunctions: their causes and symptoms

  • Cracked housing. It is a common result of a bike falling over. Besides, loss of the housing tightness may be caused by careless movements during polishing.
  • Scratches and chips on the surface. The former are often caused by dust and the latter – by road stones. Besides, scratches on the lens might appear because of inappropriate care. For example, this happens if you try to get rid of the dust on the lights, using a hard brush.
  • Corroded connectors and terminals. Dim light might be a sign of this malfunction. It is caused by moisture which gets inside, for instance, through a non-tight housing.

Tips on how to maintain and replace motorcycle headlights

  • They have to be replaced if it is necessary. Their service life isn’t defined.
  • Dirt should be cleaned with a soft wet cloth. It is better to use special chemicals compatible with the material of the surface.
  • From time to time it is advisable to check whether the headlight is securely fixed, and to adjust its position if necessary. If the light beam is too low, it might be difficult to estimate the situation on the road at night time. If the rays are directed too high, they will dazzle oncoming drivers.

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